Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Candlesnuffer - Eggs From A Vanished Chest [Room40 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Australia's Ambient and beyond staple Room40 on November 6th, 2k20 is "Eggs From A Vanished Chest", the latest album by David Brown a.k.a. Candlesnuffer who's been refining his experimental guitar techniques - solo and in a group context - for roughly 20 years now. Recorded by and performed in collaboration with Myles Mumford the seven tracks on this album, rolled out over a total playtime of roughly 46 minutes, are based around an improvisational approach towards a semi-acoustic guitar which, sometimes prepared and sometimes in its most natural form, provides a brittle, oftentimes highly fragmented sonic data stream of ever changing, sometimes busy and unsettling overall nature, paying homage to echoes of echoes of Rock music and strategies at times whilst compositions like "Anxious Pond" seem to hark back to retrofuturist, somewhat psychedelia-infused electronic music experiments of yore and pieces like "Moon's Seapage" head down a twangy, sub-aquatic Post-PostRock lane before the tune fully transforms into a grinding, braincell-wrenching trip into nightmare'ish, psychotic score territories whilst the subsequent "Chain Of Ponds" even touches base with mechanical Noize terror of sorts just to name a few. Intense and only for the headstrong.


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