Thursday, December 10, 2020

Handsome Couple - Musik Für Ein Imaginäres Tanzstück [Umland Records 038]

The next chapter in a series of 2k20 albums influenced and sparked in their creation by the recent pandemic situation is released via Essen-based imprint Umland Records as the labels 038. Named "Musik Für Ein Imaginäres Tanzstück" we see Simon Camatta and St. Kirchhoff making a return under their joined creative moniker Handsome Couple, presenting a menu of ten freshly cooked tracks as a follow up to their 2019-released longplay effort "Bochum Berlin", pondering about a new nightlife reality and dealing with the most recent situation in the only reasonable way - through being creative. What starts out on a well mourning, stripped down and somewhat melancholia-inducing tip with the opener "Trying To Survive" turns into a raw and skeletal basic beat foundation for fans of Advanced (Instrumental) HipHop with the subsequent "Ill Pil", weighs in pure b-boy / breakdance vibes with "Black Three Hair" which immediately turns out to be our favorite cut on the album due to its distinct overall drum sound and rhythm signature whereas "Liky Licker" amalgamates a beat paying homage to classic DJ breakbeat compilations with most beautiful pads and slightly twangy licks for a vibe. Getting "Lost In A Train" sees the Handsome Couple getting down with some vaguely Asian influences when it comes to the tunes meandering, plucked and rusty strings, the short sketch that is "Transition Hop" caters more of a tongue-in-cheek, comical overall feel which makes us think of drunkards depicted in cartoon flics before a "Miracle March" takes us to a land of swag and indisputable dopeness within seconds. Being "Naked On A Swing" finally weighs in some fever'ish, hypnotic and well funky high speed beat fire bringing on some both noir'esque and tribal-infused qualities for hounded chase scenes in classic espionage flics whilst "Gin Pur" is sorta staying true to that laid back gin'n'juice west coast vibe and "Going Home At Night" after an imaginary night out leaves us with a beautiful piece of music to slowly wander, probably drunk, off into the early sunlight of a warm summer morning in what seems to be a far distant future for a closing. Dope stuff - not only for Instrumental HipHop headz.


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