Friday, December 04, 2020

Mart Soo & Florian Walter - The Golden And Other Ratios [Umland Records 034 / Improtest Records 015]

Put on the circuit as a collaborational effort of Umland Records and Estonian imprint Improtest Records only recently is "The Golden And Other Ratios", the latest eight track album conceived by Mart Soo and Florian Walter who've been regularly crossing paths in terms of musical collaborations for the past five years now. Infused and informed by the theoretical work of architect Michael Sorkin and housed in a special conceptual cover artwork designed by Hamburg-based artist Maren Endler the two artists embark on a journey briefly described by the accompanying press sheet as an 'imaginery soundtrack for a retro-futurist space western flic' - and now: read again and let this sink in for a minute or two.
Spread out over the course of roughly 39 minutes their combination of guitar, electronic sounds and a well elusive new instrument named hechtyphone developed by Florian Walter provides score'esque qualities indeed, catering oftentimes crackly, somewhat cold and fragmented, partly even desolate, space- / sci-fi-leaning athmospheres evoking pictures of barren, hostile and bizarre alien landscapes, static-loaden radio communications, bring to mind memories of echoes of classic score works like John Carpenter's "Dark Star" even in tunes like "The Pleasures Of Liminality" whilst going down a dark'ish Score Noir / crime scene alley in the subsequent and aptly titled "Merry-Go-Round / Trespassing". Furthermore their "Quest" takes the duo deep into droney, somewhat ambient'ish and glacial atmospheric realms with the hechtyphone emulating and providing a additional layers of eternally yearning calls, their "Abstractions On Biogeneering" fuse a well abstract, yet emotional take on guitar improvisation alongside, again somewhat noir'esque and FreeJazz informed and partially melancholia-infused, hechtyphone lines whereas the albums title bearing closing tune "The Golden And Other Ratios" indulges in a warm, slightly twangy hyperabstraction of dusty DesertBlues on a hot lazy summer afternoon for a finale. A deep and touching companion for repeated late night listening sessions this album is. Therefore recommended.


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