Thursday, January 28, 2021

Mads Emil Nielsen - PM016 (2020 Remaster) [Arbitrary 03RE]

Recently re-issued via the Denmark-based imprint Arbitrary is "PM016", a four track tape album by Mads Emil Nielsen which, originally released as limited C30 cassette edition in 2014, is now available for the first time in both vinyl and CD formats for a broader audience. The journey into this re-mastered version of the artists very first solo release starts with "Glow", an intense exploration of creepy, muffled rhythm signatures accompanied by cold shimmering midrange drones as well as influences of abstract Dub-infused Electronica which is followed by "Sway", a maelstrom of a track built on a foundation of continuous low end pulses in conjunction with more cold Drone loops and a clean, eerie and somewhat retrofuturist sci-fi atmosphere before evolving into an all embracing organic piece of Ambient beauty. Furthermore the subsequent piece "In Circles" sees ominous shiftings of subsonic masses in absolute isolation alongside glistening and somewhat glitched out atmospheres evoking memories of Oval's "Systemisch" album for a reference and the final "Endeavour" weighs in a tender, touching variation of most beautiful, slow pulsing Deep Listening Music for a closing. Recommended and defo highly relevant today.

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