Saturday, January 30, 2021

Opening Performance Orchestra / Bill Laswell / Iggy Pop - The Acid Lands feat. William S. Burroughs [Sub Rosa 500]

Put on the circuit on November 6th, 2k20 as the 500th - sic !!! - release of the long time standing Sub Rosa-label is "The Acid Lands", the first recorded release of Prague's Opening Performance Orchestra's homage to William S. Boroughs' 100th birthday performed first at Move Sound Space Festival in Ostrava back in 2014. The recorded and updated original version was realized in cooperation with Bill Laswell and Iggy Pop as narrator, taking us on a nearly 25 minutes lasting trip into ever morphing (Neo)Cosmic structures build from a combination of electronics, tone generators and theremin sweeps as a backing foundation for deep, gravelly and highly captivating Spoken Word spirituality as well as autobiographical cut ups and plunderphonic, partly heavily distorted layerings whereas Laswell's additional 'Ambient Mix-Translation' dives deep into a 2k20 update of Kosmische Musik / Deep Listening Music for planetariums and space projections and the additional bonus cut "Naming The Seven Souls *Mix-Translation" weighs in a focus on Burroughs reading pieces of his original works, focusing on - hence the title - the seven souls mentioned and dealt with in the mythology of Ancient Egypt. This is a trip.

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