Friday, February 12, 2021

Christian Kobi - Hidden Place Of Return [Cubus Records 375]

Released on January 15th, 2k21 via Switzerland-based imprint Cubus Records is "Hidden Place Of Return", the new longplay outing by saxophone player and composer Christian Kobi who caters a massive set of six duo collaborations put out on the circuit in triple vinyl format as well as a 2CD album set. Spanning a total of 90 minutes the album features Christian Kobi on soprano and tenor saxopohone, working alongside the likes of Jacques Demierre, Camille Emaille, Christian Müller, Marc Unternährer, Antoine Chessex and Julian Sartorius for individual pieces, pairing his instrument of choice with contributions on spinet, percussion, electronics, tuba, more saxophone and even a saw blade for the final concluding piece. With each collaborational effort recorded in a quarry throughout the COVID-19 induced lockdown period of June 2k20 with environmental sounds present we're drawn into a musical cosmos based on minimalism and a highly avantgarde-leaning approach willing to explore the outermost boundaries of what might be vaguely referred to as Experimental Jazz by some whilst others might be drawn to a subset of Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical as an identifier or means of general classification, going from calm sequences to well lively, rattling eruptions which see the saxophone climb to unexpected heights whereas others rather focus on air floating within the instrument as well as the usually ignored micro-mechanical aspects of its performance, provide long, yearning, klaxon'esque melancholia, explore the deepest depths of the audible low end spectrum or even comforting, solemn waves of inward looking qualities for those appreciating a hyperminimalist approach towards brass instruments. An album for a small, yet very distinct - and: distinguished - audience.

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