Thursday, February 11, 2021

Colin Fisher - Reflections Of The Invisible World [Halocline Trance 017 Promo]

Scheduled for release on March 26th, 2k21 via Toronto's Halocline Trance-imprint is Colin Fisher's new, seven tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning album effort named "Reflections Of The Invisible World". Working with producer Jeremy Greenspan for the second time, resulting in his fifth overall longplay outing, we see Fisher, longstanding force within the Canadian scene, Caribou-collaborator and genuine man of many trades and projects, presenting a scintillating, well mesmerizing sonic realm starting with the hyperchromatic Ambient (Not Ambient) morphings of "Zero Experience" which provide a direct lineage to the genre defying, colorful productions of the likes of Throwing Shade, Darq E Freaker or Bad Stream who are all providing soundscapes for a futuristic and data-driven world whereas cuts like "Monadic Mirror" bring forth a combination of comforting electronic textures and highly detailed, micro-movement focused and reprocessed guitar experimentation which well exceed genre drawers like PostRock, Post-PostRock or Indietronica in their ability to create an isolated, shimmering musical bubble floating in and above nothingness. Same goes for the twangy "Double Image" which combines both 80s sounding saxophone lines and self-involved electric guitar dabblings in a slightly kitschy, yet story-telling late night manner whereas "Unchanging Awareness" provides a dreamy, masterly executed and ever meandering soundtrack built on a foundation of intricate, slightly guitar experimentation and atmospheric expansion for late summer sunsets just to name a few. A deep and beautiful journey, this.

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