Monday, February 01, 2021

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 34 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

The mysterious, elusive Noize maker that is Dr. NoiseM finally makes a return to the release circuit with "Studio Works 34", the latest sequel to his ongoing 'Studio Works' series which comes at us with six brand new tracks and an extended runtime of 76 minutes in total. Opening with "My Noise Is Bigger Than Yours" the Dr. does not only make a bold statement but also unleashes a surprisingly harmonic, partly even ethereal Noize beast which would be well functional as a score for a dystopian sci-fi short film lasting around 10 minutes whereas the follow up "Strange Bastard" represents the violent grindings of a tortured pneumatic drill on overdrive mode and "Bold System" weighs an extended, hypnotic ebb and flow of distorted, yet comfortingly harmonic Noize feedbacks which - stretched out over 18+ minutes in this track - do have a soothing, somewhat even sleep inducing effect to those listeners highly experienced in exploring musical extremes. Furthermore "Brain Music 2" presents a pulsating take on deep Sci-Fi Ambient weighing in somewhat of a Dark Star'esque attitude for movie buffs and fans of early John Carpenter scores, "Chaos Bold" is, hence the name, a semi-chaotic 27 minutes lasting maelstrom of vantablack Noize magma and the "Man In Space" indulges in a well psychedelic, tripped out Ambient Noize melange with a caleidoscopic hippie twist for a closing.


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