Tuesday, February 02, 2021

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2k21

01. Various Artists - Innate 004 [Innate 004]
The UK-based Innate label is back with their fourth 12" vinyl instalment, bringing forth a four track selection of cuts crafted and brewed by the likes of Aroy Dee, Gilbert, Jonski and DJ Guy which once again showcases why the label is held in high regards by many as one of the main purveyors of finest Electro, Armchair Techno and Intelligent Techno since its launch back in 2018. 100% quality.

02. Kuldaboli - Milljon Ara Em Held Mer Ungum [Bunker / Darknet 001]
Bunker / Darknet. Not only might this be one of the best ever names for a label we've seen popping up in a while but also the four tracks cooked up by Reykjavik-based producer Kuldaboli provide exactly what one might expect to find on an offshoot / side-imprint of The Hague's Bunker Records, a storming, captivating and well raw take on the Electro genre including thrilling, oftentimes slightly off-kilter melodies as well as hints of distorted compression resulting from analogue gear in absolute overdrive mode. Great stuff.

03. Various Artists - Electronic Mutations From Beyond [Defective Records 032]
A fascinating journey into the back catalague of the Baltimore-based label Defective Records which released a staggering thirty 12" singles between 1994 and 1998, pioneering a deep, hypnotic and oftentimes also experimental approach to Techno and a lot of its derivatives which is fully reflected on this one, starting from the HypnoAcid / Intelligent Techno vibe of Mike Parker's "Resonator" via the complex polyrhythms of DJ Who's "PB4UGO2BED" to fast-paced Breakbeat / IDM action to be found in "Koishi" by Cyber Complex as well as other tunes created by the likes of O.H.M., Solar X, Glitch, Pure Gamma and Telekinetic Soulmate, all being re-introduced to a new generation of DJ's and punters through this recommended compilation which also might spark an interest in graphic designers due to its distinct cover artwork.

04. Various Artists - The Versus Series Vol. 02 [Afflicted In Techno]
See review for details...

05. Tagliabue - Ultraterreno EP [Lustpoderosa 008]
Usually it'd hardly ever happen that I'd buy a record just for the sole fact of its cover artwork being amazing yet the artwork of Tagliabue's latest EP crafted for Swiss-based imprint Lustpoderosa is equally fascinating, unique, tripping and outstandingly mesmerizing it would've been enough to add this one to the collection. Yet, luckily the musical content provides quality as well with five tracks meandering between Berlin School-infused Synth and (Neo)Cosmic, Deep Listening Music, IDM, floating ChillOut and Slow Motion Armchair Techno for those who know and therefore will find their way into deeper, more laid back sets of mine in the future.

06. Unknown Artist - Butter Notes [BUTTER 001]
A probably highly unofficial collection of dirty, oftentimes Breakbeat-driven Baltimore Club tracks seemingly ripped from a 2001-released vinyl compilation focusing on all female Baltimore Club artists. Raw as things can get and with the pitch adjust going up to +6% or higher a well interesting collection of tools to make your GhettoBass or Chicago Basement sets more interesting.

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