Sunday, March 14, 2021

Gintas K - The Ways [GK Rec. 004]

Coming in all the way from Lithuania these days is "The Ways", the fourth album in four years released by Gintas Kraptavicius a.ka. Gintas K on his very own and self-run imprint GK Rec.. Spread out over ten tracks - all named in some or another way related to or including the word 'way' and a total playing time of 65 minutes the Lithuanian sound artist follows his usual approach of live recording with a set up of computer, midi keyboards and controller once again, creating a bleepy, glitched out and highly abstract, probably Max / MSP-infused sonic realm that defies any further categorization and exists in a secluded bubble beyond any genre, albeit things like Glitch and most abstract takes on Electronica come to mind, especially in clean, polished cuts like the opener "One Way #1" or the surprisingly rhythmic "Another Way #1" which show loose, decaying and ever changing patterns of repeating motifs whereas others like "One Way #3" as well as the albums 20 minutes spanning main piece "Both Ways. Longer", which btw is our main favorite on "The Ways" as well, do exist entirely on their own like shiny, highly detailed, probably encoded and chrome-resembling sculptures of sound flung back in time from a faraway future or an extraterrestrial or even interdimensional layer of the space time continuum whilst the final cut "Infinity Way" redefines Minimal Ambient as well as Minimal Music as an entire genre for 2k21. Fascinating.


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