Monday, March 15, 2021

Stefan Römer - Decon Sound [Corvo Records 019 Promo]

Released only recently via the Berlin-based imprint that is Corvo Records is "Decon Sound", the latest two-track longplay outing shaped, conceived and created by German sound artist Stefan Römer who is catering two extended pieces on this one. Opening with the "Deconstructivist Sound For Conrad Schnitzler" Römer pays homage to one of Germany's electronic music pioneers through incorporating and re-arranging original cassette tapes from Schnitzler's archive, amongst a variety of other sound sources, in a dark, spine-tingling and full on monolithic electro-acoustic sound sculpture meandering in between Noize and a maelstrom of super intense Industrial music - think: Einstürzende Neubauten in their wildest, most excessive moments - whereas other segments of the 15 minute spanning composition are built on a foundation of filtered percussions alongside cut up Spoken Word recordings / recorded phone calls. Furthermore we see the follow up, the "Deconstructivist Sound For Syd Barrett", being a second homage, this time to the defunct and passed Pink Floyd member, most suitably starting out with an extended, slightly psychedelic sequence of pedal treated electric guitar feedbacks which slowly moves, warps and modulates over the tunes entire 22 minute runtime to a well hypnotic, intense and time dissolving effect. Proper good, this.


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