Saturday, April 17, 2021

Aniyo Kore - Alkaline Herbs [Sweepland Records]

Coming in straight from the vaults of Dortmund's Aniyo Kore and the office of the Sweepland Records label is "Alkaline Herbs", the latest album release put out by the band outfit who's marking their 10 years anniversary with this one. Also "Alkaline Herbs", which is only available as a limited to 100 copies tape edition at this point in time, marks the former duos ongoing musical transformation over the years, now resulting in a further extention of the line-up into a fully fledged trio backed by a female drummer. This said, "Alkaline Herbs" reflects this progress and evolution by featuring a set of eight cuts - with some of them being re-recordings of classics like "What A Night" or "Remedy", re-arranged or re-shaped to fit Aniyo Kore's new musical direction, touching base with heavy Stoner Rock, Sludge, Desert- and Psychedelic Rock, echoes of Americana, extended, oftentimes distorted guitar solos and thundering drums which might resonate with authentic hardcore Metal heads even though the bands ethereal, longing and crystal clear vocal approach remains untouched and unaltered despite the musical backing has changed with energetic pieces like the somewhat Chemical Breaks-infused "Muscle Memories" or even the more funky, uplifting take on "What A Night" calling for heavy mosh pit action. So we wouldn't be surprised to see fans of bands like Wolves In The Throne Room, The Hidden Hand or labels like Exile On Mainstream in the audience whenever Aniyo Kore are about to play again in post-pandemic times.


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