Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mauro Gargano - Feed [Diggin Music Prod / Puglia Sounds]

Coming in via mail from Italy only recently is "Feed", the latest album outing created by Italian-born and France-based double bass player Mauro Gargano which has been developed and brought to life alongside percussionist Christophe Mauguet and pianist Alessandro Sgobbio after Gargano had begun to explore 'new' music beyond his traditional field, including electronic sounds and particularly Techno amongst many other styles. The result of this collaborational exploration, set for release on May 7th, 2k21 via Diggin Music Prod / Puglia Sounds, is this album, spanning a total of eight cuts and a playtime of roughly 48 minutes within which the trio is following the outlines of Jazz as genre, mostly on a nightly note and reminiscent of hazy, smoke-filled underground cocktail and whisky spots whilst incorporating structures and build-ups partially reminiscent of intertwined, corresponding elements and motifs found on the more melodic side of Detroit Techno, meandering piano elegies travelling from tender tones to most ecstatic heights, complex, yet somewhat subdued drumming often placed in the far background of the mix whilst bits like "Keep Distance" are focusing on the beauty and melancholia found in a more stripped down, inward looking (Future)Jazz approach for rainy Sunday afternoons spent in isolation or even dive deep down into territories of full-on late night romanticism in pieces like "Look Beyond The Window" before the tune takes a slightly darker, more dramatic and finally thundering, uptempo leaning and synth-lead turn to take this one cut as a single reference point for the overall complexity of this longplayer.


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