Sunday, May 09, 2021

Schroer / Bektas / Nebel - Exit [Umland Records 043]

In with another new album - and accompanied by a most beautiful cover artwork, btw - is the Essen-based Umland Records imprint which presents "Exit", the longplay firstling by the relatively fresh trio that is Schroer / Bektas / Nebel. Coming in from a Jazz angle with an approach to introduce, feature and spotlight the oriental / middle eastern oud instrument, played by Ahmet Bektas, in the genres context alongside piano and upright bass the three musicians bring forth a swinging, playful and twinkle-toed sonic attitude which makes "Exit" a perfect early summer release due to pieces like the poly-layered and somewhat polyrhythmic title track, the tender, classy late night vibe of "Verlorene Welt, Verwitterte Seele" as well as a few more melancholic sequences throughout cuts like "Laila" in which especially Bektas' take on the oud seems to represent an imaginery love child of more mediterranean vibes and somewhat melancholia-infused traditional Russian balalaika bits. If this sounds compelling to you... go check!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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