Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Elme - Shimmer [Teleskop 009 / Allmyghosts Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 25th, 2k21 as a conjunctional effort shared between the two Lepizig-based imprints Teleskop and Allmyghosts is "Shimmer", the first ever musical outing by the musical duo that is Elme, comprised of Sebastian Bode and Markus Rom which, within seven tracks and roughly 29 minutes playtime, explore a free-floating and both genre- as well as structure-defying sonic architecture somewhat reminiscent of the tentative, organic and friendly late 90s and early 2000s Electronica championed by labels like Digital Kranky or Heimelektro whilst even providing playful, frolicking dancefloor grooves with tracks like "Bird Word" whereas the title track "Shimmer" caters a most beautiful, warm and slightly melancholia-inducing take on Skweee'esque downtempo Electronica with a vintage twist that, similar to the subsequent "Lim", evokes blurred memories of the often Psychedelia-infused soundscapes created by the likes of Felix Kubin or Grönland Orchester or other likeminded artists. A sweet little debut, this - and it's released on cassette tape!


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