Monday, June 21, 2021

Q & A - The New Me [ReQords 007 / Test Recordings 011]

Released as a collaborational effort of the labels named ReQords and Test Recordings on June 15th , 2k21 is "The New Me", the first ever remotely recorded album outing by Q & A a.k.a. Quentin Rollet and Andrew Sharpley which, as a duo, combine their instruments of choice - saxophones and computer - to create a 6 tracks and roughly 41 minutes spanning firstling with this one. Having known eachother for more than two decades it is, somewhat surprisingly, the first time the two artists actually joined forces for a project, presenting a musical landscape which is mostly focusing on harmonic, Jazz-leaning sax improvisations which oftentimes provide a tender, somewhat even romantic feel whilst bits like our personal favorite "Placeholder" gravitate towards floating, Ambient- / ChillOut-leaning backings with minimal sax interventions, "421" provides the calm and comfort of an autumnal Sunday afternoon spent in good company and deep conversation whereas the concluding "Asymmetric" focuses on slightly warped, vintage sounding Ambient structures for a closing just to name a few. Deep.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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