Friday, June 18, 2021

Thomas Köner - Nuuk [Mille Plateaux]

Also fresh on the circuit via Mille Plateaux is this one, released on June 11, 2k21 and in fact another re-release version as Thomas Köner's "Nuuk" album saw the light of day via MillePlateauxMedia back in 2004 as a solo album but used to be a part of the 1997 quadruple album compilation "Driftworks" even before that. Now available once again the seven tracks on "Nuuk", originally perceived and influenced by Köner's experiences of travelling the Arctic, are still as glacial and minimalist as ever, with brittle, slightly frosty Ambient atmospheres micro-evolving on top of humungous, slow moving bassscapes located at the lower, most tectonic end of the audible spectrum to induce an atmosphere of vast- and timelessness one can easily transfer to and associate with the polar region where everything turns into an overwhelmingly washed out amalgamation of whiteout and total isolation which is carefully sculpted and emulated through an arrangement of minimalist layers that are best described as and most essential in terms of carving out the Isolationist Ambient niche as a microtonal sub-genre of the entire electronic music world. Classic.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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