Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Hotel Kali - Hotel Kali [Antime 033 Promo]

Released via the Berlin-based label that is Antime on June 4th, 2k21 is "Hotel Kali" - the self-titled seven track album debut perceived by Hotel Kali, a German-Indian four piece band which formed throughout Theresa Stroetges' Goethe Institut- and Music Board Berlin-funded two-month stay in India where she worked and collaborated in jam-sessions as well as more dedicated and focused recording sessions with local artists and musicians, and formed a connection that exceeded the period of her stay. The result of this cultural exchange and collaborational effort is not only a new band outfit on the circuit but also a roughly 46 minutes spanning journey combining personal treats and musical voices of all its members which are, aside from Stroetges, Varun Desai, Debjit Mahalanobis and Suyasha Sengupta, all of them based in Kolkata where the sonic material was developed in a truly cross-cultural manner, taking the listener on a trip into the realm of Indian flavored ChillOut / Electronica with a well krautsy edge, drifting into the ease and summery vibes of EthnoHop, an intriguing, yet somewhat autumnal uptempo Indietronica / PostPunk cover version of Theresa Stroetges a.k.a. Golden Disko Ship's song "Fake Horse" whilst "Viola Rave" sets out to set all ElectroDisco / ElectroClash dancefloors on fire with its uplifting and super positive attitude and so does the more Desert Blues-infused Balearic Electro cut that is "Buntes Schwarz" just to name a few. Defo a unique one, this.


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