Saturday, June 12, 2021

Random Orchestra - Membrane [Teleskop 008 Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 18th, 2k21 via Teleskop is "Membrane", the actual debut album of the Berlin-based duo named Random Orchestra which consists of Xaver Hirsch and Oliver Gehrmann, two artists setting out to combine an eclectic sonic approach as well as visual works in their work. This being said the eight tracks on this roughly 31 minutes spanning firstling do cover quite a bit of a range when it comes to the wide general spectrum of what electronic music can be - starting from the cinematic Synth arrangements and chiming percussive layers of the opening tune "Inhale" which evolves into a hyperchromatic IDM dancefloor piece over the course of its runtime to the experimental 90s leaning Leftfield Pop / Electronica Soul fusion take of "Atria" featuring Giugiu on vocals whereas "Cortex" enters a somewhat tender and mystical Ambient realm for an intro sequence, yet unfortunately seems to go down some kind of eco-conscious rabbithole with its slightly muffled and distorted vocals whilst "Replicate" is all in for a more kitsch-driven happy-ever-after anime end theme vibe and even goes in for a UK Garage swing attempt in the final cut "Exhale" just to name a few to reflect upon the variety the Random Orchestra is able to touch base with in their studio sessions. Quite eclectic, this, and probably more coherent when presented in an audiovisual production context.


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