Thursday, June 24, 2021

Stale Storløkken - Ghost Caravan [Hubro Music]

Released via the Norwegian staple Hubro Music these days is "Ghost Caravan", the second full length solo album created and composed for the label by Stale Storløkken who presents a menu of improvised, yet formally connected church organ tracks on this one. Spread out over the course of roughly 39 minutes the ten compositions on "Ghost Caravan" were all live recorded at a church named Steinkjer Kirke and surely explore the range and dynamic possibilities of such an ancient, yet still alive instrument in a modernist music context, starting from the droning Ambient opener "Cloudland I" to various bright and lively, all subsequently named (Neo)Classical pieces one could refer to as the "... Sphere"-circle, the haunted, intense and atmospheric minimalism of "Cloudland III" whereas "Cloudland IV" seemingly focuses on the intrinsic mechanical movements of the instrument itself, "Third Sphere" provides a well captivating large scale score piece that's nothing short of epic rolled out over nearly 10 minutes playtime and "Drifting On Wasteland Ocean" even explores the minor scale movements of - still fully analogue! - Desolation Ambient and therefore is one of our favorite cuts on this well fascinating longplay piece.

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