Friday, June 25, 2021

Rex Ronny & DJ Sotofett - Epidermis [Full Pupp 075 Test Press]

It's been roughly eight years since DJ Sotofett first appeared on Full Pupp only to make a full on return in late July, 2k21 alongside partner in crime Rex Ronny, catering a hefty seven track menu on their "Epidermis EP" which marks the 75th release for the Norwegian label. With three Ambient / Synth / (Neo)Cosmic skits and especially the four dancefloor-focused cuts on this 12" release Rex Ronny & DJ Sotofett are exploring a sonic terrain located somewhat in between your regular TechHouse vibe and NuDisco / KrautDisco, a well seductive amalgamation that brings forth the seductive grooves and glitzy retrofuturistic laser zips of tracks like "Cerbionical Sweep", the dubbed out, panoramic and trippy CosmoKraut / Krautbient sequences of "Segmented Aether" which surely will resonate with dedicated fans of Kraftwerk and the likes of whereas both "Thermoplastic Flush" and "Internal Phaseshift" provide raw, highly functional fodder for NuDisco raves to come. If that sounds like a vibe to you go and check this one out.


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