Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Richard Pinhas & Duncan Pinhas - Sources [Bam Balam Records 081 Promo]

Released on June 12th, 2k21 as a special edition for the French Record Store Day and put on the circuit via the long-standing Bam Balam Records label is "Sources", the new collaborational album of Richard Pinhas, celebrating both his 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his career with this one, and his son Duncan Pinhas which are pairing their arsenal of guitars, analog synthesizers and Field Recordings backed by Arthur Narcy on drums. With this remarkable father / son lineup in place the duo sets off to explore a most captivating variation of instrumental, highly experimental Rock music - for a lack of a better term, that is - going all in with the thundering, storming "Puissances Infectees" before drifting off into dreamy, electronically infused Berlin School / Psychedelia / ProtoAmbient territories with the subsequent "Echappees Belles" whilst "Aiguille Rogue" adds raw, gnarly synth movements, modular bleeps and weeping, distant guitar solos to the recipe its predecessor followed. With "Onde Aux Rivages Trop Meconnes" we experience scenic, yet inward looking and ruminant Deep Listening Music in combination with chirping birds and what seems to be reprocessed burbling water, "Le Gritche" weighs in more of a swirling, ever escalating Progressive Rock approach and "De Sources Et De Ravins" waves goodbye with a slowly evolving, yet still highly dramatic combination of steadily modulating Ambient drones and longing, reverberating guitar solos for a closing. Deep.


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