Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Juhani Silvola - The Slow Smokeless Burning Of Decay [Eighth Nerve Audio 009 Promo]

Scheduled for release on August 27th, 2k21 via Eighth Nerve Audio as the labels cat.no. 009 is "The Slow Smokeless Burning Of Decay" which is the latest album outing created by Finnish / Norwegian composer Juhani Silvola. Comprised of three pieces stretched over a total of roughly 37 minutes we see Silvola exploring a spatial stereo field with a massive, irregular swell of sweeping noise accompanied by vast physical low end presence, chirping electroacoustic modulations, doleful tones, plucked, minimalist guitar or harp melancholia and other fascinating, oftentimes otherworldly goodness all to be found within the title track whilst the segmented "Five Failures In Representing Our True Nature" weigh in a variety of highly warped and processed Field Recordings including what seems to be barking dogs and the general sounds and atmosphere of rural nature whilst later evolving into an eruption of grinding noises accompanied by looped angelic, yet somewhat unsettling and apocalyptic non-vocalisms as well as, in one of the final sections of the track, cold and brooding sci-fi atmospheres. Finally "Like Garlands Of Flowers Spread Over The Chains That Bind Us" seems to be the most coherent of the three commissioned compositions to be found on this album, starting from a point of icey, glatial atmospheres only to evolve into a highly entangled and intertwined stream of bleepy computational sounds accompanied by eruptive, somewhat percussive outbursts and Juhani Silvola's trademark reverberating, spatial low end movements creeping up from the cavernous vaults deep within the earths crust. Fascinating. Check.


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