Saturday, August 14, 2021

Konstrukt feat. Thurston Moore - Turkish Belly [Karlrecords 084 Promo]

Lined up for release on August 27th, 2k21 via the ever active label that is Karlrecords as their 084 is "Turkish Belly", a new album in an ongoing series of collaborations which sees the Turkish outfit Konstrukt teaming up with a variety of renowned musicians for joint venture recordings. In their live recorded sessions with Sonic Youth guitarist and remarkable solo performer Thurston Moore, all taking place in February of 2k20, the now five piece ensemble explores a high density, high tension and high alert sonic universe from the first highly captivating seconds of the opener "Yapayalniz (Gezerler Sokakardar)" onwards which comes at the listener like an army of whirling dervishes with its stripped down, distorted and ear-piercing intro, brutal, Hardcore-reminiscing drumming and super intense vocals which set the pace for all things to come, a six tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning jet-fueled, high octane improv session garnished with a few slightly Psychedelia-infused moments that would be well placed on a bill squeezed in between bands like Black Flag, Crass or The Ex and FreeJazz-projects like Paal-Nilssen Love's Large Unit and the likes of just to provide y'all with a rough layout of what is to expect here. Thrilling.


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