Friday, August 13, 2021

Western Edges - Dependency [Sound In Silence 083]

Coming in straight from Athens, Greece recently is 083 of the George Mastrokostas-run Sound In Silence imprint which sees Richard Adams' Western Edges project making a return with a new nine track album named "Dependency". Rolled out over the course of roughly 45 minutes the Leeds, UK-based artist explores and surely broadens the the imprints spectrum with this one, introducing straight bassdrums to the ChillOut crowds from the very start of the most beautiful, crystalline opener "Page Reveals" which immediately evokes memories of the unchallenged Harthouse-classic "Spectrum" by Metal Masters, progresses into harmonic, multilayered Synth structures surely influenced by Classical- and Minimal Music-infused composition techniques for ensembles whereas the subsequent "Winter Hill" provides a misty, washed out highlight for (Neo)Trance / Romantic House floors of future festivals for a reason. "The Wall You First Kissed Her Against" brings out a most touching, emotional take on large scale cinematic Ambient, momentarily drifting off into off-kilter harmonies before being put back on track in the tunes next pulse, "Lucy Hall Drive" gets straight back onto the dancefloor despite being accompanieed by a slight naive, naturalistic main motif whilst "Love Is Contagious" presents shimmering Ambient harmonies in their purest form. Furthermore "So Cold Now" embraces the world with angelic arrangements - and a little bit of flutter due to, probably intended, mastering overdrive - the albums excellent main piece "Temperance" meanders in between GAS-like forest romanticisms, echoes of DubTechno and even klaxon'esque Dub bass harmonies over the course of 14+ minutes and the final cut "Still Think About It Now And Then" once again harks back to misty, blurred out and almost mythical atmospheric movements for a closing. A timeless and essential addition to every dedicated Ambient lovers collection.


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