Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Brendan Faegre - Broken Mirrors [Arteksounds 007]

Scheduled for release via Arteksounds on October 8th, 2k21 is "Broken Mirrors", the new and forthcoming four part debut EP release crafted by composer Brendan Faegre. With all cuts subsequently named "Broken Mirrors - Part I-IV" and based on a foundation of drums and synths, a monosynth to be more accurate, Mr. Faegre embarks on a journey into territories of tense, brooding and well claustrophobic minimalism, a well thought out, masterfully arranged interplay between raw vintage electronic sounds and distinct, ever evolving rhythmic patterns somehow evoking memories of Mick Harris' solo project named Quoit, drummer Leon Lamont as well as the dark, monolithic and bass-heavy sonic sculptures created by Scorn and likeminded artists, drawing and dragging one's mind towards a pitch black singularity, a void or a gargantuan subsurface vault in which entities dwell whose origin lies way beyond the very beginning of time. Therefore recommended.


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