Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Violeta Garcia / Chris Pitsiokos - Uanmortaim [Relative Pitch Records]

Coming in via mail from the New Jersey-based imprint Relative Pitch Records only recently is one of the labels latest releases, the hardly pronounceable "Uanmortaim" which turns out to be a collaborational album effort created by Violeta Garcia and Chris Pitsiokos with the duo employing an instrumentation of alto saxophone, cello and electronic devices to create a total of 12 compositions rolled out over the course of roughly 29 minutes. With Pitsiokos having also previously appeared on the Umland Records imprint which might be a familiar name to regular readers of these pages the two artists cater a heavy, highly avantgarde-leaning and oftentimes nerve wrecking take on Improv / FreeJazz characterized by raw, strained and high-pitched experimental sax lines working - or forcefully screaming - alongside a scraping background foundation, providing intense dynamic changes whilst regularly working towards harsh, chaotic, yet powerful climaxes with especially pieces like "Sandwuchito" or "Lulo" speaking to an audience rather well-versed in genres like Noize or even HarshNoize than to connaisseurs of more traditional FreeJazz if such a thing exists. File under: intense and not for the weak-heartened.


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