Saturday, September 18, 2021

Mona Mur - Mona Mur [Play Loud! Productions]

Put on the circuit via Play Loud! Productions on September 3rd, 2k21 is Mona Mur's "Mona Mur", an extended and remastered reissue of the famed singers 1988 album debut with a rearranged playlist, added extended versions as well as all tracks featured on her 1982 EP firstling "Jeszcze Polska" - including the intense, brooding classic "My Lie" and "Ein Bisschen Frieden", a haunting, striking soundtrack for dystopian, post-industrial Mad Max scenarios. And well, there she is in all her dark glory. Crooning and seductive, influenced by SynthPop and love as well the unique, timeless and hypnotic experimental electronic soundscapes built and crafted in the studio like dreamy pastiche collages by Yello's Dieter Meier at the controls who's especially sonically present in velvet late night cuts like "Jealous" or the colder, yet similarly themed "Auf Immer" whilst "Surabaya Johnny" sounds like a bitter crossbreed of Industrial music and Hildegard Knef, "My Man" goes for a true Broadway show vibe and so goes the even more dramatic widescreen cut aptly named "007" which brilliantly stood the test of time, similar to the updated follow up that is "Venus 2020", the hard hitting Industrial Punk of "Jeszcze Polska" and many other songs on this highly recommended album. Timeless beauty.

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