Thursday, September 16, 2021

Cecilia Lopez - Red (DB) [Relative Pitch Records]

Another fresh release on Relative Pitch Records straight outta New Jersey is "Red (DB)", the most recent album conceived by composer Cecilia Lopez who worked alongside the likes of Brandon Lopez, Gerald Cleaver and Julia Cavagna to realize this nearly 50 minutes spanning commissioned one take outing for double bass, drums and electronics as well as scored actions. Starting from a point of tender, comforting Ambient drone movements and naturalistic sounding modular chirps Lopez and her fellow artists slowly and tentatively progress through fen landscapes of swampy, yet all embracing organic bass modulations garnished with insular banks built from sediments of what could be described as Avantgarde Jazz with all its gnarly, creaking and jarring sound aesthetics as well as extremely sparse and scattered drum works before transforming into an ever morphing maelstrom of toxic fumes and acidic mires, unsettling tension and an overall atmosphere of doom and bane before finally drifting off into outer space territories for a fascinating closing. File under: DarkJazz / DoomJazz for the lack of a better term, yet do expect quite a deep and trippy listening experience.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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