Saturday, September 25, 2021

Erin Rogers - 2000 Miles [Relative Pitch Records]

Another most recent album put out on the circuit via Relative Pitch Records is "2000 Miles", the second full length longplay effort created by New York City-based saxophone player Erin Rogers who's presenting a total of six, up to 18 minutes spanning compositions on this album. With all pieces recorded at the basement of her childhood home near Blackfoot, Alberta in Canada throughout a mandatory quarantine period "2000 Miles" does feel both very intimate and close up as well as very direct and in-your-face, especially when it comes to shrieking, haunting and intensely insistent pieces like "North Star" in which one is confronted with a striking feel of anger and frustration whereas the subsequent "Angelface" focuses on a microtonal, almost electro-acoustic approach to close-up microphony whilst "Township Road 494" is on a tender, almost tentative tip whilst exploring the blurred borders between Minimal Jazz and Contemporay Classical / Modern Classical music. Furthermore we see "Home II" following a meandering, hypnotic and somewhat fever'ish path, pairing a winding low range sax line with lo-fi, probably hand-tapped rhythm signatures working its way towards a dramatic climax and the closing, 18 minutes spanning ode to the "New Moon" brings forth a haunted and eerie tonal sequence which might've well accompanied a witches work throughout a misty night out in a thick forest of yore. Check.

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