Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Genevieve Murphy - I Don't Want To Be An Individual All On My Own [Gaudeamus / Unsounds]

Fresh on the circuit as a conjunctional release brought to life by the two labels Gaudeamus and Unsounds as the third volume of their 'Sounds Of The Young Avant-Garde'-series is Genevieve Murphy's "I Don't Want To Be An Individual All On My Own", an 18 tracks and 56 minutes spanning album effort accompanied by a booklet painting the picture and narrative of an ambitioned mother / daughter birthday going all the way down the drain, escalating to the worst ever outcome possible. This said, the entire story opens with the captivating, super uplifting IDM / Techno Rave crossover "About To Turn 8" which is about to set festival dancefloors on fire within seconds before a mixture of avantgarde audioplay, story telling and Spoken Word performance rolls out which is interrupted by the dreamy, ethereal and Chromatics-reminiscent "Your Feeling" whereas other interludes like "Like Smoke *Live" enrich the story with a deep, tender mixture of IndieFolk and Björk'esque elements, "Living Emotions *Live" weighs in a dark, edgy, NoWave-loaden Spoken Word feel or bring on a naturalistic, folksy feel like "For Them To Fear Us *Live". Defo a deep and braincell tingling listening experience which requires multiple focused sessions to embrace all things happening from each and every angle presented. Recommended.

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