Monday, September 27, 2021

Tülay German / Francois Rabbath [Zehra 003 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Zehra as the labels 003 on September 10th, 2k21 is "Tülay German / Francois Rabbath", a re-issue album of the 1980-released self-titled debut album which is considered to be a major essential in the catalogue of Turkish folk singer Tülay German who's accompanied by Francois Rabbath on saz and double bass for her interpretations of Turkish Folk songs which are stretching over the course of 13 titles and a total of 38 minutes playtime. With a turbulent journey throughout her lifetime which, amongst other major milestones, includes emigration from her homeland due to political pressure, quitting a major deal with Philips France as well major prestigious awards Tülay German interprets traditional songs as well as poems written by Nazim Hikmet and others to create a powerful, touching and spine-tingling acoustic narrative which, without actually understanding the language, is telling tales of a simpler, yet harder, down-to-earth life, of love and emotions, native homelands, small villages and great romance - and whatever ingredients true classic Folk song narratives might need, focusing on German's touching vocals whilst Rabbath's take on instrumentation provides a sparse, yet thought out background setting put far back in the mix to let Tülay German's vocals shine all the way through. Defo a great introduction to the seemingly rich tradition of Turkish Folk music and traditional Singer/Songwriter sound.


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