Monday, October 18, 2021

Flin Van Hemmen - You Can Know Where The Bombs Fell [Neither / Nor Records 019]

Recently released via Neither / Nor Records is "You Can Know Where The Bombs Fell", the third subsequent album released on the label by former Dutch Jazz drummer and now composer Flin Van Hemmen. Created between 2k18 and 2k20 and partially based on - processed and modified - samples from a previous recording session featuring Todd Neufeld on acoustic guitar and Eivind Opsvik on double bass the roughly 41 minutes spanning longplay piece aims to break those samples down into irrecognizable micro-loops which are then used as building blocks for new individual compositions of spine-tingling and oftentimes well futuristic nature like the glacial, frosty Ambient-leaning opener "Heels Rise" which is garnished with distorted and unsettling remnants of speech evoking memories of lost radio communication later accompanied by ethereal, non-vocal background choirs whereas the subsequent cut "These Are The Gateways" caters crackly, sub-heavy and tense DarkAmbient alongside ominous and desolate piano melodies being blown over from quite a distance and the short excursion into places "Where Mushrooms Grow" reveals a sequence of unsettling bass pulses emerging from brittle Field Recordings of what possibly was a nightly forest or park at the time. Furthermore "Epoch" brings forth growling, tectonic low end shiftings and chiming piano improvisations as well as undefined street scene atmospheres later evolving into an array of peaceful, carefully arranged harmonic loops which provide a silver lining at the horizon, the title track "Where The Bombs Fell" perfecty defines the genre drawer of DarkAmbient for this album before "The Blood Of All Nature" brings on the most rhythmic, mechanical and loop based compositional approach, combining electroacoustic vibes with washed out, defragmented guitar improvisations for highly advanced underground ChillOut dancefloors whereas the final cut "Made Visible" fuses more calm and nightly DarkAmbient with plucked guitar and piano minimalisms for a closing. Highly recommended for all fans of Deep Listening Music and beyond.

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