Friday, November 12, 2021

Pamela Z - Echolocation [RVNG Intl. Promo]

Coming in via mail without much, or any, additional information provided on a press / promo sheet is "Echolocation" - seemingly a re-release of Pamela Z's original tape of the same from back in 1988 which has been put out on the circuit via RVNG Intl. once again on November 5th, 2k21. Within eight tracks and a total runtime of roughly 28 minutes Pamela Z - better known #irl as Pam Brooks to her friends and family - explores a sparse, raw variation of stripped down and hyperminimalist PostPunk / (No)Wave based on hypnotic unprocessed wood block / stick rhythms of well primordial nature paired with expressive, theatrical falsetto vocals in the remarkable opening piece "Echolocation" before employing both a classic, more electronically-based PostPunk approach, takes on Spoken Word tape collage techniques as well as further variations on raw falsetto vocals and even hyperexperimental SynthPop which preceeded Vaporwave by decades ("I Know") only to end up on a most Avantgarde Cut-Up vibe with the final piece "Scaff Scivi Gno" which perfectly showcases the close connection between PostPunk and the art scene back in 80s - a context in which this one very fits and therefore should be noted and checked by every genre aficionado for a reason. Check.


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