Saturday, November 06, 2021

Insect Ark - Future Fossils [Consouling Sounds]

Released via the long standing imprint that is Consouling Sounds in mid-October of 2k21 is "Future Fossils", the latest album outing by Insect Ark - a now duo led by Dana Schechter who still worked with Portland-based drummer Ashley Spungin for this album, even though the latter seemingly has left the band project by the time this review is written. Weighing in three brand new cuts as well as an extended live improvisation session recorded in Brooklyn, New York on November 16th, 2k16 the opener for this roughly 43 minutes spanning album, "Oral Thrush, pairs brooding electronic textures and unsettling low end pulses with longing, stretched and slightly distorted guitar movements, providing a touching take on nocturnal Dark Ambient stylewise whereas the subsequent "Gypsum Blade" takes the genre further towards a most minimalist, yet tense and highly atmospheric level. Furthermore "Anopsian Volta" brings forth a tender, unexpected take on nightly, inward-looking piano improv melancholia which adds more of a Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical touch to the album before the 23+ minutes of "Gravitrons" showcase the captivating, spine-tingling sonic realm Insect Ark are exploring live - a realm of darkness and cinematic beauty alike, a fusion of Dark Ambient and brooding (Neo)Cosmic, garnished with Industrial-influences and a clear vision of post sci-fi dystopia. Excellent. Recommended.

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