Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Panoptique Electrical - Decades (2001 - 2021) [Sound In Silence 085]

Coming in from the Greek Ambient staple that is the imprint known as Sound In Silence is the October 11th, 2k21 released compilation album "Decades (2001 - 2021)", an extensive collection of works, mostly short miniatures, crafted and carved out by South Australian producer Jason Sweeney under the name of Panoptique Eletcrical. Spanning a total of 31 pieces spread out over the course of roughly 70 minutes it's not made fully clear if these tracks are, at least partially, re-released from other albums or compilations, have sat unpublished for years or even stem from Sweeney's work for experimental film, gallery spaces and theatre - fields the ever active artist is also closely connected to -, yet the carefully picked selection gradually evolves from beautiful and well comforting Ambient pieces towards heavier, more Clicks'n'Cuts-leaning, off-kilter Ambient territories ("Never Sleep Again"), brittle, icey Deep Listening Music x Dark Ambient bits ("Three Ghosts Of Hill"), comforting melancholia alongside a steady swell of crackly surface noise to be found in "Slow Photographer", touching Piano excursions ("People Disappear" / "The Desire Of The Other"), tender and dubbed out heavenly pad goodness in "New York City Quiet Space" whilst pieces like "A Lost Love" gravitate towards shrieking, yearning Synth melancholia whereas Panoptique Electrical is even touching base with panoramic drone compositions in "The Night" just to name a few, providing an essential addition to each and every collection of classy high quality Ambient x Deep Listening Music. And it is limited to 200 hand-numbered copies as well. Get.


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