Monday, November 08, 2021

Kate Moore - Revolver [Unsounds]

Put out on the circuit via Unsounds on October 31st, 2k21 is "Revolver", the latest, and roughly 50 minutes spanning, album by composer Kate More who caters a collection of eight tracks originally commissioned for a dance installation by Ken Unsworth which are now subsumed as a coherent longplay piece for a Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical-leaning audience. Performed and recorded in Sydney, Australia by a five piece setting of artists combining the sounds of violin, cello, double bass, harp and percussion the album showcases a pure and otherworldy, ever floating crystalline beauty from the very first moments of the opening title track onwards, presenting an array of simplistic, yet carefully layered loop structures slowly progressing into complex polyrhythms, pairing tender, timeless and perfectly executed instrumental performance with cinematic string arrays well suitable for panning panorama plain and prairie shots, weighing in melancholia-inducing, emotionally touching (Neo)Classical minimalisms in pieces like "Trio (Song Of Ropes)" and its subsequent solo performance versions and providing loads of sublime instrumental mastery for intimate listening sessions - alone or intimately shared with a loved one. Recommended.

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