Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Hunger - Wollufos [self-released]

Coming in via mail from Berlin these days is "Wollufos", the latest self-released album outing put on the circuit by formerly Hamburg-based band Hunger which are catering a total of ten tracks on this one, all pressed on recycled vinyl and therefore weighing in a slightly varying individual color scheme for each record - an approach as unique and individualistic as the musical direction the three piece project is taking on this album, one we admittedly haven't come across in many years. Defo reminiscent of many a band performing at Hamburg's former Astrastube when the venue was in its infancy still a good 20 years ago Hunger are fusing a certain instrumental lo-fi, probably artschool-infused approach with elements of playful, curious Indietronica, loop-based PostRock and Post-PostRock alongside additional electronic textures, a free floating, non-conformist and experimental diy-attitude as well as slightly abstract grooves, twangy, off-kilter guitars and other organic goodness which will most likely resonate with a fan base still well fond of early releases on labels like Morr Music, legendary, yet long time defunct labels like Dhyana Records as well as the music brought forward by acts like Harald 'Sack' Ziegler and Frank Schültge 'Blumm' whilst even throwing in occasional Jazz loops in cuts like "Karoshi Hop" or the subsequent "Sunset Sling". Quite intriguing, somewhat intimate and also a major personal throwback for us as we've seen quite a lot of similar music being performed live when Hamburg venues were still open and willing to take on more of a risk in terms of live bookings on weekdays. If Hunger are playing in your city do not even consider missing out on this.


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