Sunday, October 31, 2021

Weltklang - Klaster [Exil-System 20-19]

The second album coming in these days from Thomas Voburka's long standing Weltklang project which released its very first single back in 1980 is "Klaster" - or, to be more precise, the limited to 100 vinyl copies silk-screen artwork version of "Klaster" put out on the circuit in 2k20 as this album has, as many other Weltklang releases, been released in various versions, an approach well suited to the diy-vibe employed by the label Exil-System ever since. Serving a menu of five cuts Voburka takes the classic Ingenious Dilettantes sound of the project to a darker, more brooding and Industrial-leaning level from the very first seconds of the epic, 11+ minutes spanning opener "Landstejn" onwards which fuses scenic, low end-heavy vintage monosynth melodies with sharp rhythm signatures and certain Dark Ambient elements - think labels like Treue Um Treue / Reue Um Reue here - whereas the subsequent "Trebon" drifts of into a realm of most beautiful Synth x Cosmic melancholia. Flipping the record we see "Dyje" bringing forth an extended, beatless, yet highly captivating take on melodic SynthWave x Minimalwave for advanced late night dancefloors whilst the title cut "Klaster" caters dreamy, well dramatic kraut-infused modulation layers working their way up to a climax of full-on tilt mode and the concluding cut named "Vranov" fuses slightly dubbed out Synth goodness with a decent, yet straightforward 4/4 foundation which probably would make a perfect closing track to play in a large scale festival setting to send punters their way home with an overload of overwhelming emotions. Great stuff. Recommended.

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