Thursday, December 16, 2021

Fullmoon - Moon 1 [Fullmoon Records 001 Promo]

Fresh on the digital circuit is the new Ambient- / ChillOut-leaning imprint Fullmoon Records which released its 001 on October 21st, 2k21 which is the "Moon 1" album by the labels head honcho Fullmoon. Opening with "Space Station" we're drawn into a realm of ever floating, hyperharmonic pads in combination with multilayered rhythm signatures and an overall IDM vibe evoking memories of the classic 'Artificial Intelligence' series whereas "Humanity" drifts along the lines of deep Acid-infused Intelligent Techno and therefore takes us back to the heydays of labels like XXC3 and the likes of for those who know. Furthermore "Arabian Summer" presents an epic, cascading take on beautiful arranged SpaceAmbient , "Sagittarius" sees a slightly kitsch-infused, (Neo)Cosmic synth motif frolicking through untouched meadows whilst deep, Dub-leaning subs provide a sound low end foundation and the subsequent closing cut "Creatures On Planet E" weighs in a variation of dubbed out TripHop x Downbeats in combination with moving, mystical string arrangements and ethereal non-vocalisms for an epic closing which makes this one our favorite cut on this album by far.


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