Sunday, February 20, 2022

Aspidistrafly - Altar Of Dreams [Kitchen. Label 033 Promo]

Scheduled for release on February 25th, 2k22 via their very own Kitchen. Label as their 033 is "Altar Of Dreams", the forthcoming album outing by Singaporean duo Aspidistrafly - and their first full on studio longplay recording since 2011. Together, the duos members April Lee and Ricks Ang, alongside several contributing guest musicians, present their updated sonic vision stretched out over 9 brand new recordings and a total playtime of roughly 34 minutes, diving deep into scenic, yet haunting and ethereal sound collages in the opening piece that is "How To Meet A Marblewing" before progressing into a combination of naturalistic, innocent Folk attitude and somewhat kitsch-y, piano-led songwriting, soft, surreal and almost dreamlike interludes like "Interlude: Chrysalis And Larvae" whereas pieces like "Moonmilk" cater beautifully arranged, delay-driven Folk guitar loops in combination with emotionally touching synth pads for moments of inward-looking reflection whilst the title track "Altar Of Dreams" provides a tender, yet highly dramatic attitude to cinematic ballads just to name a few. A well beautiful piece of what could be classified as a lovechild of Folk, Indietronics and Leftfield Pop conceived in a not so bizarre love triangle.


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