Friday, March 25, 2022

Ellis Dee - Rock To The Max / Dance Factor *Boykz & Chapman Remixes [Amen Brother AB-VFS013]

With its 013, released in December 2k21, we see the UK-based Vinyl Fanatiks subsidiary named Amen Brother tackle some true classics - Ellis Dee's "Rock To The Max" and "Dance Factor" which were both originally released back in 1992 on the artist run label Ellis Dee Project. Now those tunes are back for a new crowd, a new era and a new generations of ravers, both remixed by Boykz & Chapman which are in for a well respectful modern treatment of "Rock To The Max", keeping true to the raw original Breakbeat Hardcore sound and its well ecstatic stab signal vibes whilst their rolling, well dangerous take on "Dance Factor" is leaning a little more towards what was once partially referred to as Darkside back in the days with intense, ever rolling drum breaks, heavy subs, horns and short, somewhat HipHop-infused atmospheric halftime parts as well as stop-and-go sequences especially prevalent prior to the tunes main breakdown which introduces a second, even more intense and spine-tingling motif to a heaving dancefloor massive. Criminal vibes!

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