Saturday, April 16, 2022

2020 - 3 [2020 Records Promo]

Released on January 17th, 2k22 via the mysterious artist run digital imprint that is 2020 Records is "3", the third album released by the otherwise anonymous artist 2020 over the course of three consecutive years. Opening with "Man In Space" we're drawn into a surprisingly harsh, yet at the same time harmonically warped maelstrom of dreamlike Psychedelic Illbient under the influence of certain narcotics whereas the "Strange Bastard" provides more of a hammering, buzzing and scraping electrical drone vs. noise terrorism for fans of early Einstuerzende Neubauten whilst "Die Sterne" sees 2020 harking back to his artistic roots, providing beautiful late night Ambient for fans of the former mid-90s German TV program known as HR3 Space Night, especially with its well disturbing sci-fi vocal samples providing an additional, yet fictitious layer on how misinformation, brainwashing and altered realities might work and function. The subsequent triplet of tunes "WeG_A23" / "WeG_A24" / "WeG_A25" weighs in an extended sequence of deeply nocturnal, somewhat melancholic Dark Ambient textures with the last one of the three drifting off into warped psychedelic Ambient / (Neo)Cosmic territories before the short interlude named "Dream System" sees 2020 on a journey into a retrofuturist era of early electronic music production. Furthermore "Fear Your Dreams" caters a variation of eerie, warped minimalism in Death Ambient atop stripped down low end pulses, fever'ish Tribal drummings and glimpses of angelic choirs shimmering through, "Latin Hour" seems to be somewhat out of place with its heavily glitched out approach to vinyl hyperskipping and ultra cut-ups and the final cut that is "Saturn Rising" once again harks back to the experimentalisms once employed by places and groups like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for a closing. Intredasting. Go check.


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