Thursday, April 14, 2022

Cole Peters - A Certain Point Of Inertia [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh release put out on the circuit on April 8th, 2k22 via the long-standing Australian label that is Room40 is "A Certain Point Of Inertia", the latest full length album created by Canadian sound artist Cole Peters. Finding, like many other artists, a certain inspiration throughout a period of extended lockdown periods spent in the Manitoba-area of his motherland as well as the imminent feel of stasis, stagnation and decay of perception that came with it the five tracks and roughly 38 minutes spanning longplay piece is a sonic reflection of this time, a careful, yet sonically hypermagnified exploration of places and sites oftentimes found at random, throughout extended aimless wanderings, featuring all their overheard beauty from breaking shorefronts to what seem to be eerily creaking wooden doors, hovering helicopters quickly closing in from afar, echoes of hidden industrial drones and atmospheres, slow metallic movements and scrapings as well as probably reprocessed microtectonic shifts and tremors, all falling into place to provide a deep, carefully textured deep listening experience for all fans and followers of FoundSound and Field Recordings.


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