Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Giovanni Di Domenica - Polvere De Rabbia [Kohlhaas 021 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the well eclectic Italian-imprint that is Kohlhaas on March 25th, 2k22 as their 021 is "Polvere Di Rabbia", the latest album effort conceived by Brussels-based composer Giovanni Di Domenica. With his new longplayer, released as a limited to 300 vinyl copies edition, we see the Italian composer cater a total of five new pieces rolled out over roughly 38 minutes runtime, covering musical grounds of sacral, solemn and festive beauty, pairing muffled, highly intimate atmospheres with beauteous, lost and wandering layers of keyboard melodies and - most importantly - a meandering string of whispered vocals partly buried deep with the mix, echoes of spine-tingling (Neo)Cosmic and brooding, sometimes even swampy Ambient x Deep Listening Music, mysterious Synth swirls and further recordings of outerdimensional seep ins whilst more chiming, light-hearted and playful bits like "Le Bestie Ferocci" are crossing over into a somewhat blurred and nebulous realm touching base with Avantarde / Modern Classical music as well as electronic composition whereas "Un Uovo" and "Neve Senza Vento" even flirt with genres like DarkJazz / Future Jazz just to pick out a few specific tracks by name off of this very unique, outstanding and therefore highly recommended release. Get!


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