Monday, April 11, 2022

Bodega - Broken Equipment [What's Your Rupture? Promo]

Released via the NYC-based imprint What's Your Rupture? on March 11th, 2k22 is Bodega's "Broken Equipment", the fourth full length album recorded by the Brooklynite band outfit for the label since their 2k18 debut "Endless Scroll". With a total of 12 brand new songs rolled out over the course of 42 minutes we see the band weighing in a slighty PostPunk-infused and most surprisingly very British-sounding take on high octane Indie Rock for peak time dancefloors with seductive killer cuts like the groove-infested midtempo affair "Doers" and the uber funky, female-led "Territorial Call Of The Female" following the classic Indie route whereas "Statuette On The Console" bridges the gap between Garage and Pop Punk lightheartedly whilst setting spring break frat parties on fire, "C.I.R.P" and the slightly more shallow "Pillar On The Bridge Of You" are flirting with College Rock for a second before the darker, more pensive "Seneca The Stoic" is surely one to resonate with all those quiet, not that outgoing Indie girls out there musically just to name a few. If you're planning to buy only one Indie album this season this might be the one to check.


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