Friday, April 08, 2022

Black Mango - Quicksand [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 29th, 2k22 via the Poland-based staple that is Gusstaff Records is "Quicksand", the first full length debut by Black Mango which basically could be described as a group x collective of musicians based in and around Mali's capital city Bamako. Somewhat led, steered and conceptually conceived by Philippe Sanmiguel who, as a studio producer, has worked with the likes of Samba Toure on many occasions we see the sound of Black Mango slowly unfold over the course of ten songs and a total runtime of 44 minutes, fusing modern sounds and recording techniques with traditional African x Malian vibes resulting in deep, somewhat even minimalistic cuts like the albums opener "Bakeina's Dream" which fuses echoes of Bass Music with Desert Blues x Desert Soul and echoes of echoes of Psychedelic Rock whilst the "Quicksand Blues" adds a decent 4/4 rhythm signature as well as Spoken Word lyricism and African chants to the mix for a Balearic sunset audience whereas other pieces incorporate elements of Dub, Downbeat and Triphop evoking memories of the deeper side of the sound of acts like Boozoo Bajou or Nightmares On Wax ("Golden Cage" / "Heaven Sands"), bring forth more of a super relaxed and slightly dubbed out Chill Out attitude ("Ghost Sands)" or more hypnotic, spine-tingling DesertBlues for those who loved Ambient House-related acts like the Stereo MC's in the early 90s ("Are U Satisfied?") just to name a few. Recommended. Go check.

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