Sunday, April 03, 2022

Isik Kural - In February [RVNG Intl. 077]

Released via the ever active imprint that is RVNG Intl. on March 25th, 2k22 is "In February", the sophomore album by Istanbul-born Glasgow resident Isik Kural. Within a total of 13 pieces rolled out over pretty much exactly half an hour total playtime Kural immerses himself in a world of tender, mostly loop-based structures which started to first emerge from a spark of inspiration which came to him throughout a session at the Babajim Recording Studios in his original hometown in 2019, bringing forth an oftentimes somewhat vintage sounding, yet sparkling and positive, frolicking take on Indietronica and deeply blurred, dreamlike Leftfield Pop which even weighs in folksy, naturalistic qualities in pieces like "Simdi Iki" or "Paperhat" whereas "Coral Gabels (feat. Spefy)" explores brittle, playful and overall lovely songwriting, "Sevidklerine" evokes faint memories of Aphex Twin's well underrated classic "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" vibewise and bits like "Pineapple And Lime" provide sweet, caressing and washed out Ambient outtakes for those in the know - and for fans of the deeper side of acts like Boards of Canada to lay out a rough guideline of what is to be found on this album which seems to be step forward into new, formerly uncharted territories for the RVNG Intl. label as well. Check.

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