Sunday, April 03, 2022

Windemo & Strid / Wärnheim & Ingves - Split Series Vol.1 [Frim Records 003]

Released via the Swedish association for free improvised music and its associated label that is Frim Records on March 25th, 2k22 is "Split Series Vol. 1", the first in a series of albums setting out to combine the sound of different - probably radically different even - duos in one release. With the first four tracks provided by Mattias Windemo and Raymond Strid we're entering a world ruled by acoustic guitar and various percussive sources which is spread out into a tender, intimate, yet somewhat fragmented sonic experience including both elements somewhat reminiscent of FoundSound and random recordings as well as sequences of more composed and structured musicality and sonic integrity speaking to those who are not deeply entrenched in the field of Improv x Avantgarde music. For the second part, namely the 21+ minutes spanning piece that is "Jag Ser Ovädret" we see the pairing of Marcus Wärnheim and Karin Ingves combine their respective instruments, alto sax and piano, to create an ever meandering landscape of mostly improvised Jazz / FreeJazz romanticisms starting out from a point of nocturnal headphone listening only to move further into a partly dramatic, dynamic upward spiral to provide joy and depth for all dedicated genre connaisseurs for a reason. Despite being an all acoustic album the "Split Series Vol.1 " is by no means an easy one to wrap your head around and probably might need a few dedicated listening sessions to fully unfold its inherent layers and sonic potential.

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