Monday, April 04, 2022

Pascal Battus - Cymbale Ouverte [Akousis 003]

With its third release put on the circuit on April 1st, 2k22 the French imprint Akousis presents "Cymbale Ouverte", the latest musical outing by composer x improviser x sound artist Pascal Battus who managed to invent an entirely new instrument for the recording and creation of this album which is roughly based on the mechanical principle of the classic hurdy-gurdy despite being driven by an electric motor. Using this instruments' rotating surfaces in combination with cymbals as sole resonating bodies Pascal Battus' new body of work is comprised of four extented compositions with a total playtime of approx. 63 minutes,  opening with the slowly, yet ever evolving midrange droning of "Apre Voir" which soon places itself outside the regular space-time-continuum as a monolithic, self-contained and self-sufficient sonic entity, paving the way for all things to follow thereafter like the slighty off-kilter minimalistic ever morphing waves and high frequency pulses prevalent in "Indecent Indehiscent" whereas the 26 minutes spanning main piece "Entonnoi Tot" presents more of a brooding, ominous and partly Dark Ambient-leaning approach to sci-fi minimalism x Ambient futurism whilst the concluding cut that is "Ouvrage Ferme" comes full circle and rounds things off with an ever intensifying take on more dissonant layering in comparison to all its predecessors. Highly recommended for all fans of Minimal Music in its most minimal and abstract form.

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